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Watching the Media Take Pope Francis’ Words Out of Context…Again



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A Catholic Teenager’s Response to “Same Love” (More or Less)


(Please read the whole thing through if you do wish to message me about my opinion regarding this very sensitive topic. This is the kind of post where one sentence can easily be taken out of context if you haven’t read the whole thing. Thank you, and God bless.)

Though this post may be considered way overdue considering how long this song has been out there since its initial release, I’ve been given enough times to hear it on the radio to really contemplate it, consider it, and wrestle with it, especially in the context of my own Catholic faith.

While “Same Love” raises many a question regarding the Church’s treatment of homosexual persons as well as its stance regarding same-sex marriage, I find myself wanting to commend Macklemore aND RYAN LEWIS (poor guy keeps getting overshadowed) for releasing something so honest, so genuine, and so thought-provoking - because at the end of the day, it’s media like this that really prompts individuals who are seeking an objective Truth, to find it.. I mean, at the very least, it can help lead society astray from the usual mindless “I LUH BAD, BAD, THASS MA THASS MA PRAHLUM” (censored) crap that finds its way onto the Billboard Top 40, and for once, force us to think critically about the messages being presented within a song.

..Much in the same way that “Same Love” forced me, a devout, practicing, Catholic teenager, to question in prayer, how to feel about an issue as sensitive as homosexuality, when I myself, am not.

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Raises some good points about what Christian/Catholic ‘love’ is and how that can relate to society’s (mis)conceptions and the lgbt movement. 

NuvaRing lawsuits

^ just a quick reminder that birth control methods can be dangerous and lead to a number of complications. I’m sure any woman who has dealt with “women’s health” has had birth control shoved down their throat with very little candid discussion with their obgyn. Sadly it’s necessary to fight for true information and comprehensive diagnosis for women’s health issues since it’s an unpopular thing to admit that the pill and other birth control methods (like the nuvaring) aren’t always the healthiest option. 

Ok. Soapbox moment over. Jk everyone who reads this should look into NFP. Ok. Now I’m done. Promise. 

+“In Short, Don’t Be Hypocritical Little SOB’s,” Francis Says In First Encyclical | Eye of the Tiber

Eye of the tiber kills me every time

+WYD and the Trayvon Tragedy | Daily News |

Yet the larger issue that needs to be a part of the dialogue is how we can effectively address the crisis of masculinity in our culture, influenced by the glorification of violence and the collapse of the family

So there’s a building I always pass on my way home that’s called GK something and I always think it’s referencing GK Chesterton…

So there’s that. 

"I will willingly abandon this miserable body to hunger and suffering, provided that my soul may have its ordinary nourishment."
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Failure of the highest form
Christ sur la Croix avec un moine de priere Chartreux by Jean de Beaumetz
+I like chant for all the wrong reasonsThe Chant Cafe
+DOMINUS PARS HÆREDITATIS MEÆ: Liberal Catholic dissent and gay marriage....


Father, my sister and her friend from school are both Catholic, they have a lot of gay friends and they’ve gone to rallies and stuff. They say they’re only supporting their friends. They dont think theres anything wrong doing this, as they disagree with the church. I tried to tell them it might…